All Umpires are required to attend the ground neatly dressed and if possible, in a Blue ECUA polo shirt. Umpires are required to be dressed throughout the game in the specified ECUA uniform.

The uniform is: ECUA YELLOW long sleeve shirt, black slacks, ECUA approved white hat as well as white runners.

ONLY ECUA approved rain jackets are to be worn during inclement weather.

All ECUA approved merchandise can be purchased at our monthly meetings or by contacting Geoff Wheeler on 9874 2328

The Merchandise Shop

White Umpires Hat (essential item) $50 See



White Umpires Hat (GCCC) $35
Yellow ECA Umpires Shirt (essential item) $45
White Waterproof Jacket (red ball games) $20
Yellow/Blue Waterproof Jacket (white ball games & social) $40
Dark Blue Polo Shirt (social) $40
Dark Blue Cap $20
Dark Blue Jacket
ECUA equipment Carry Bag $15
Umpires Starter Kit – consisting of …. $30 See



  • Mallet
  • Ball Counter (Grey Nicolls)
  • Bowling Marker
  • ECA Dark Blue Hat
  • Tape Measure (metric/imperial)
  • Stump Gauge
  • Bolt
  • Note Book
  • Pen

Preferred Method of Payment is $AUD Cash

Above are available at monthly meetings or by contacting Geoff Wheeler on 9874-2328.

All purchases are cash on order. Be ready for the season by purchasing the items you need at our first meeting.


Umpires are encouraged to have their name embroidered on their shirts, above the logo on the LEFT BREAST.

Contact Maria Di Meglio, 17 Walkbrook Drive, Vermont South, Vic 3133, 041235-1307 for details on where to get embroidery done.