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Awards Night March 2016


Guest speaker Rohan O’Neill, General Manager, Game and Market Development, Cricket Victoria.

Kevin Burt was the recipient of the Keith Carr Perpetual Trophy for service and excellence in the ECUA. The ECUA’s most prestigious award is named in honor of Keith.

Garry Shipp and John Wood were given the honor of umpiring the Dunstan Shield Grand Final, the premier turf cricket competition in the ECA.

The premier synthetic competition, Macgibbon Shield Grand Final, will be adjudicated by Luke Gill and Bruce Sjostrom.


From time to time, umpires in the ECUA are offered the opportunity, as a group, to visit various establishments of interest. In the past we have visited the home of Kookaburra Industries, ( makers of the finest cricket and hockey hardware. The manufacture of cricket balls was of particular interest, especially seeing balls used exclusively in Test Matches being hand stitched.

The umpires have visited the MCG for a tour of this magnificent facility on a couple of ocassions. Our guide for the day was none other than our then esteemed President, Allan Grant, who is normally a tour guide at the National Sports Museum which is also housed within the MCG. In 2012, the bonus for us was being able to watch the first day of the Sheffield Shield match between Victoria and South Australia as we enjoyed a light lunch and liquid refreshment in a corporate suite.

The BBQ’s at our monthly meetings are a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and forge new friendships with newer umpires. The cost of the BBQ is included in the Annual Membership Fee.

Many a laugh is had at all these gatherings as friendly banter is enjoyed by all. Yet another reason to join the Eastern Cricket Umpires Association.