The first record of their being professional umpires appointed within our association, occurred in the ESCA’s annual report of 1920/21. The report states that this drastic step to go professional was a good one and the absence of disputes completely justified the cost. Prior to this umpires were provided by the competing teams and were unpaid.

The formation of the first Umpires Association followed , but records do not indicate with any accuracy when this occurred. A photo taken in 1925/26 shows a group of 22 members of the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Umpires Association .

In the early years, two umpires were appointed to each game , however, with the growth of the Association after the war only one umpire was appointed to each game, with teams providing the second umpire. The Association did not allow 1 appointed umpire to officiate at both ends until 1954/55. Umpires fees in that season were one pound two shillings and sixpence for turf matches and one pound for matting games. Ten years later, in 1964, umpires fees had risen to four pounds , with an extra five shillings for doing both ends.

The number of umpires in the Association has varied greatly over the years. In 1970 there were 43 umpires on the panel. This had swelled to 72 in 1980 (fees were $26.00) but then the numbers dropped to an all time low of 26 in 1990. The fees that season were $50.00.

In 1999/2000 the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Association and the East Suburban District and Churches Cricket Association merged under the name Eastern Cricket Association .

The number of umpires within the Association continued to fluctuate wildly with 70 umpires at the time of the merger but dropping to as few as 33 in season 2007/08. The number of active umpires in season 2009/10 was 63 with 70 members of the ECUA. Season 2012/13 saw 83 umpires enrolled in the ECUA with 13 new members attaining their CA Level 2 Accreditation. Season 2013/14 saw another increase of numbers with 20 initially applying to umpire.

As clubs have developed a more professional approach to the way they play the game so to have the umpires.

All new members are required to attend a series of training sessions prior to their commencement as an umpire and all members are required to attend monthly meetings during the season at which training sessions in the Laws of Cricket are provided. Annual Fees are payable to the association and includes the cost of a BBQ evening meal at monthly meetings.

A wide variety of clothing is available through the Association including match day uniform that is compulsory for all umpires to wear. Details on this are available through the secretary but can also be seen on the ECUA website under resources.

The Fees payable for 2020/21 Season as approved at the AGM are as follows:

  •         Membership fee is $110. This includes the provision of six BBQ’s prior to our Monthly General Meetings as well as the cost of our end of Season Annual Dinner.
  •         Joining fee is $50.00 for new umpires this Season. This includes the provision of the Tom Smith book on umpiring.

The Joining & Membership fees can be paid directly to our Bank Account as follows:

  • Bendigo Bank Ashburton. Account number 138648738.  BSB 633108. Account name ECUA.Payment Reference – please record your first initial and last name as your payment Reference when making payment

An additional fee is paid to those umpires who act as mentors for new umpires.


Details regarding the equipment you will need , match day requirements and the paperwork that is necessary is available under ‘Resources/Documents’ and a folder containing all documents is given to new umpires when they join the Association. Match reports are now done online.

All ECUA umpires are required to complete the Cricket Australia Level 2 Umpiring Accreditation before the start of the second season in which they umpire. Continuance in the ECUA is dependent on attaining this accreditation as well as  satisfactory on-field performance assessments.

If you wish to become an umpire, an enquiry form is located at ‘Contact Us’ in the header above.

Umpiring IS the best seat in the house.